Pet Microchip Insertion

One of the most upsetting and traumatic experiences that a pet owner can go through is the loss of their beloved friend. Here at the World of Animals at Elkins Park, we offer the Service of implanting microchips into your pets. Collars with tags can be lost, tattoos can become faded with time, or go unnoticed at shelters, but microchips are an increasingly popular way to provide permanent identification for pets. A microchip is roughly the size of a grain of rice, and is injected into the tissue beneath the skin on the back of the pet’s neck. The chip contains a number that can be read by a scanner. Most veterinary hospitals, animal control bureaus, SPCA’s, and other organizations likely to receive stray animals are capable of scanning dogs and cats with unknown owners, and routinely check for microchips.

Once a chip is discovered, a national database can be accessed to determine the registered owner of the pet. However, this system only works if the owner has registered the chip number. Our hospital offers chip implantation and handles the paperwork necessary to register the chip for you. Our microchips have lifetime registration FREE with the price of the chip implantation. Microchips are an inexpensive and effective way to maintain permanent pet identification. A microchip can be implanted at any age in both dogs and cats.

You may be wondering if the procedure is too painful for your pets to undergo. It’s not. The chip itself is implanted between the shoulder blades of your animal without the use of anesthesia.

Microchipping Your Pet

Essentially, the procedure is the same as if your pet was receiving a routine injection, and involves no more pain or discomfort. Microchips are the best way to ensure that your pet is returned safely if lost. Microchips are mandatory for International travel, and they can also be used as proof of ownership.