Flea and Tick Control in Pets

Fleas and ticks are tiny pests which can cause large problems for your pet. These medical problems can range from anemia due to blood loss from bites, to severe skin irritation from allergic reactions to fleas, to various diseases which can be transmitted by these parasites. Since fleas and ticks are the direct cause of many health problems, preventing contact and infection is key.

Our local climate provides an ideal environment for fleas to live. Ticks are also very common in Pennsylvania, and do not die in the winter. Due to how commonplace these pests are, the majority of dogs and cats will develop some level of flea and/or tick infestation if preventive products are not applied to them.

Flea control has become more available with the advancement technology and research. Sprays, flea collars, flea shampoos are a thing of the past. There are very few cases in which they actually help flea control. Today’s flea control products consist of topical liquids which provide the rapid and effective extermination of adult fleas. These products also contain growth inhibitors to prevent new infestation. An oral product which thwarts new infestations is also available in a flavored chewable tablet.

There are many topical products on the market, but only a few are truly effective providers of lasting flea control. Most of the over-the-counter topical flea control products are a topical form of older pesticides. While many animals can tolerate these pesticides, some are sensitive, so toxic reactions to these products are not uncommon. This is why topical over-the-counter products are labeled for older puppies only. Safer products that are distributed exclusively through veterinarians are designed for puppies as young as seven weeks. Additionally, many over-the-counter flea control products are highly toxic to cats, and are labeled as such. Despite clear labeling, hundreds of cats are treated annually for toxic reactions to products which are labeled for dog use only. There have also been reports of cats becoming ill merely by living in a house where a dog has been treated with an over-the-counter product.

Pet Flea and Tick Control Treatment

For all of these reasons, Our Veterinarians have carefully chosen several flea control products to stock. These products are chosen based on safety and reliability. Several factors go into deciding which product will contribute the best flea control for your particular household. We are happy to help you decide which option is best for you and your pet.